Mastering Digital Communications Like A Boss - 2014
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As of 2014, one can assume that almost the entirety of the world’s businesses is practising digital marketing in one way or another. However, digital marketing remains a mystery for many in the business world. It is a peculiar mixture of strategic know-how, communication skills, content creation (and co-creation), word-of-mouth marketing, high-tech project management, change management and technological expertise; mastering, and sometimes understanding, this sophisticated subject is still a challenge for many business people.

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... Beyond Social Media

The aim of this book is to help decision-makers overcome this tremendous challenge posed by an ever-changing Web, which is increasingly global (or should we say “glocal”), ever more social and mobile, as well as closely intertwined with core business activities.

Even though this book mentions social media a lot, and although social has become an integral part of the digital marketing mix, our aim is much bro ader than that, hence the subtitle.

Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss Final cover - Hervé Kabla & Yann Gourvennec

Here are the subjects covered by ‘Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss’:

1/ How Significant Is Digital Marketing? Depicts the History of the Web, its characteristics and evolution. Digital marketing isn’t a fad, it can be likened to a tidal wave which transforms our economies, redefines our businesses, revolutionises the rules of marketing and communication,

2/ Content At The Heart Of A Digital Marketing Strategy: ‘content is King’ is an understatement. All digital marketing strategy is based on this raw material we call ‘content’ and the name of the game is ‘how can I use it cleverly?’,

3/ Implementing One’s Digital Strategy: creating content is crucial but is by no way sufficient. This chapter will demonstrate how one can devise an effective digital strategy,

4/ Structuring One’s Digital Strategy: creating a Website or a blog is easy. Managing change within a business, evolving its governance and skillset is more difficult. In this chapter we will see how this is done,

5/ For Those Who Missed The Boat Of The Digital Revolution: if you are still wondering what digital marketing can do for you and your business, especially a small business, this chapter was written for you. If this is not your case, here you will find rock-solid arguments for convincing your co-workers.

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Yann Gourvennec has a twenty-year-old digital marketing experience, including a long-standing practice as a Director of Digital and Social media for international Telecom leader Orange. He is a lecturer, a keynote speaker, an author and blogger. In early 2014, he founded his digital marketing agency Visionary Marketing. Among his clients are Asterion, Business & Decision, Celum, Orange, SFR and Youstice @ygourven

Hervé Kabla, is a blogger and entrepreneur, with in-depth knowledge of technology and start-ups. He is the founder and CEO of Be Angels, a digital marketing agency with a focus on B2C and B2B social. Be Angels supports its clients with the implementation of their digital marketing strategies throughout social media. Among his clients are Yoplait, Allianz, EY, Sage and MSD. @hervekabla